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A Jane Austen Nuncheon


Sillhouette of Jane Austen with umbrella and rain


Nuncheon: mid-14c., "slight refreshment," originally taken in the afternoon, from none "noon" (see noon) + shench "draught, cup," from Old English scenc, related to scencan "to pour out, to give to drink," cognate with Old Frisian skenka "to give to drink," German, Dutch schenken "to give."

Strictly speaking, “Nuncheon” is a light mid-afternoon refreshment, but we are aware that Jane Austen's gentlefolk did not take luncheon, and so we have usurped the word to describe our gala luncheon in April! Join us April 8th at the sumptuous Sunset Club for an afternoon of Regency fun! As always, Regency attire is admired but not required.

Our afternoon begins at noon with our signature cocktail – “Jane’s Parasol Aperitif” (Prosecco, Crème de Violette and Luxardo Cherry) or, if you prefer, a complimentary sparkling cranberry juice aperitif.

At 1 p.m., lunch will be served:

  • The Sunset Club’s famous popovers and preserves
  • Jumbo chicken & mushroom crepe, garlic Parmesan sauce, garnish of cranberry and orange zest sauce, along with old-fashioned peas and pearl onions and roasted rutabagas
  • Chocolate caramel tart with whipped cream and mint leaf garnish
  • Choice of coffee, decaf, or hot tea
If you have special dietary restrictions, please let us know and we will accommodate those requests. JASNA President Claire Bellanti is our honored guest. JASNA National is supporting us by bringing Ms. Bellanti to Seattle and paying her speaking fee.

" 'You Can Get a Parasol at Whitby's:' Circulating Libraries in Jane Austen’s Time" is an illustrated talk about an 18th century social institution that was central to Jane Austen in her own life and in her fiction, the Circulating Library. Claire Bellanti provides a brief history of the circulating library, the development of the novel, publishing in the period, and the interactions between women and the novel. The talk includes citations from Austen's novels and letters to explain the importance of the circulating library and other forms of sharing books in Regency England.

  • When: Sunday, April 8, 2018 12 Noon
  • Where: Sunset Club, 1021 University St., Seattle
  • Cost:
    • JASNA Members $25.00 (Subsidized price)
    • Non-members $40.00 (Subsidized price)
    • Jane’s Parasol Aperitif: $10.00 You may add this to your registration, or buy your beverage on the day (exact change required – cash or check only)

Raffle tickets will be available at registration – buy some tickets for a chance to win a fabulous gift basket brimming with Austenesque goodies.

Directions and parking.

Parking is free in the Sunset Club’s lot on Boren – it’s a small lot, so carpooling is recommended.

To register, please contact Julie or Maggie at to send in a check, or use PayPal:

Add a Signature Cocktail

Join JASNA and get the member price!

Thank you to the JASNA National Organization, which is helping to underwrite costs by providing airfare and speaking fee for Ms. Bellanti. Thank you to JASNA-Puget Sound Region which is subsidizing costs to help both members and non-members attend this gala event. Thank you to JASNA Member Kimberly Milham, who is hosting Ms. Bellanti during her stay in Seattle.


Interior of Sunset Club

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